Testimonial from an adopter, from Ines H

Last year I was looking for an indoor cat online, ideally an older on in need of a good home – and thankfully found Strawberry Cat rescue on catchat!

After initial contact things went really smoothly, I filled in a pre adoption form, the home check was arranged, and I had a long chat with one of the volunteers about which cat would be best suited for my situation. The cats wellbeing was so important to them – and even before I went and visited them I felt we were friends!

I adopted Leah, an older British shorthair from them last May, and the strawberry team was always there for me giving advise on how to help settle her in with my other older cat, and to give dietary advise as she had some tummy issues to start with. Sadly I lost my other cat end of last year, so I contacted the strawberry team again in January, and they matched me with the perfect new friend for the cat I already adopted last year!

The fact they have most cats awaiting a home are either in their own home or with fosters, not in a cattery, means they can assess the cats personality so well, and really find the right match – I now have two very happy cats, and am forever grateful!

The best thing was that we became good friends, and I started volunteering myself with the group, so not only do I have the most adorable cats at home, but a new group of friends, and the chance to really make a difference myself helping to find cats in need new homes!

If you are looking to adopt I can only recommend Strawberry Cat Rescue, they do fantastic work, helping especially the elderly and poorly cats – many cats coming in have lots of health problems, but they do not give up on them, care for them, get them the best treatment – if I would be a cat in need myself I would count myself lucky to end up with the Strawberry team!

From Ines. H.