Giving up /Rehoming your cat through Strawberry


  • You complete a Surrender Form and send to On that form you need to give us as much information as you can about your cat/s. It is using this form that we match against adopter’s application-to-adopt form to find a perfect match and to know what vet work may need doing first.
  • Send us some good pictures, as all adopters want to see the their to-be furbabies. Cats are much easier to rehome with good photos.
  • If you can take your furbaby to one of our fosterers, that is great. If not, we will look for a transport volunteer. We have to fund petrol for its travel into us, so we do ask for a donation.
  • We will, once your cat is in our care and we have your form, proceed with vet treatment and assess the pussycat.
  • We will find a perfect adopter, homecheck them and agree adoption. We do prefer adopters to have Whole-of-Life insurance to give the cat vet cover.
  • We will support adopter on phone as needed during settling in.
  • We will take back cat at any time in its life if needed.

Why should you trust us?

We love cats and treat every single one as we would our own cats. We only let people adopt where we would trust them with our own cats. No one at Strawberry is paid. We all do this as unpaid volunteers as we have a passion to help cats.

We pride ourselves on ensuring people giving up cats know how committed we are to the welfare of that cat and its future. We keep ill cats until all vet work is done, they are stable and we can find a perfect adopter.

Many cats are only with us for 1 to 2 weeks when they are well and we have waiting lists for Strawberry cats. All cats go into our own home or a spare room of a fosterer.

We never judge you. We feel that often the people who give up their cats are thinking of the cat. If you cannot keep your cat or cope with its coat etc, we can help.

We will provide phone support to adopters. If the cat ever needs another home in future at any time in its life, we will take the cat back.

We have never, and will not, split up close pairs of cats. We rehome them as a pair. We are experienced in many breeds and young, old or disabled cats.

We have a no-kill policy. We only give up on a cat when the vet feels we should. We support end of life cats at one of our homes to give them a lovely happy final period of their life and use medication as directed by a vet to ensure best care.


We are asking you to donate, as that helps us continue helping cats. For example, we can arrange for a volunteer to collect a cat/s, but we have to fund petrol most of the time. We request a donation as most volunteers cannot afford to cover petrol as well as giving up their free time. We do a lot of vet work. Many cats need us to provide spaying/neutering, vaccination, flea and worm treatment, grooming, claw clipping, micro chipping, blood tests and dental treatment, which is all costly. As a small rescue with some volunteers, we cannot fund everything with no help.

Dentals are done if urgently needed before homing, according to fosterer’s vet. We want the best for every cat but we largely only have adoption fees to fund our work. Our helpers cannot fund everything – many of us are donating constantly but we have limited funds.

Does my cat need to have pedigree papers to get your help?

No. If your cat looks pedigree or part pedigree, we will do our very best to help or find space if we can, funds also limits our work at times. Just send us photos and a completed form.

Can we have updates?

You can opt to have updates by email. We don’t put adopters in direct contact with people who have given up a cat.

Who will Strawberry help?

Any pedigree-looking cat in need as described previously, when we can. We do not judge anyone seeking help. Some younger cats we rehome help fund our work with old, ill and disabled cats. We always have adoption fees, as we want someone to make a commitment to that cat.

Can we have a cat rehomed directly?

We take cats into our care so we can assess them, ensure all vet work is done and match them to possible adopters. All cats are in someone’s home, so we can spend time with them.

We do not just advertise a cat who is not in a helper’s home or one of our volunteers’ homes. All the cats are in the care of our rescue or another rescue/helper we work with.