Testamonial from Jen who adopted Ernie, a persian we helped with his litter / urination issues

I adopted my cat Ernie from Strawberry in February.

I’d been looking to adopt a rescue cat, and had done research and found Strawberry on Facebook – the tales of happy cats in their forever homes and the dedication of them in saving as many cats as they physically can helped me make my decision.

I knew at that point Strawberry was a caring place full of love.

Ernie’s the most beautiful little cat I’ve ever seen, and is endlessly affectionate. He had some issues with using his litter tray when he came to rescue, but Strawberry was dedicated and fostered him until he was much much better with his toilet habits, and didn’t let him leave foster until they were one hundred per cent sure he could handle it.

He’s very slow, but what he lacks in intelligence he more than makes up for with everything else.

Strawberry was completely transparent and honest about Ernie’s condition, and supplied me with a pen on loan to keep Ernie in when I was at work to help him transition back into normal life, and now he’s confident enough to roam free all the time.
Strawberry have been fantastic with any enquiries or concerns I’ve had with Ernie post-adoption, and have given me so much help and advice as it’s clear they have Ernie’s best interests at heart, and want him to be so happy in his forever home. It’s clear than this is how they feel about all the cats in their charge, and it’s really lovely. Thanks for saving Ernie!’