Testimonial from Louise and Casper, adopted Jackson and later on Loki

“My boyfriend wanted a Maine Coon but I was keen to get a cat from a rescue centre rather than from a breeder. Strawberry Persian & Pedigree rescue centre was the perfect option!
Strawberry really care about their animals. When they put our stunning Maine Coon, Jackson up for adoption they were inundated with people wanting him (probably due to his size) but they were meticulous about their selection – making sure he was going to be a loving pet rather than a status symbol! He also had a heart murmour and they let adopters know all about any health issues and make sure adopters will monitor them.
When we were looking for a buddy for Jackson, they suggested Loki – a white Persian who was found as a starving stray previously. They remembers all their cats rehomed and thought that Loki would be a perfect match with Jackson (who needed a small, friendly, non dominant cat).
Their experience is essential when dealing with any neglected cats.
By the time we got Loki he had been treated for all possible conditions and had also had a dental operation. They had been bathing him and treating him for some weeks and he was getting chubby by the time he was rehomed.
Strawberry have been a great support and advised on how to introduce the cats and have been checking in to make sure they are happy together. We couldn’t recommend them enough!!”