Mr Scandal

MR Scandal is one of the suspects of being daddy of at least one of Jingles kittens! Now happy in his new home.


ROSIE Babybuttons mommy happy in her new home. She loves being an only cat, bringing her mommy a toy mouse at 4am!


The shorthaired persian BABYBLUE (name stuck) the now adult persian (exotic baby of older persian exotic Redsweetie homed last year) gets a new home! His adult brother has a home already with a volunteer. He is very happy already.


Peggypeg homed a couple of weeks ago ( she had to have one eye removed as it had always been blind since birth some 7 years before coming to foster) and her other eye had about 25 per cent vision. She also desperately needed a dental. All done by strawberry. She struggled to find a […]