STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER CALVIN goes off to his lovely new home!! They didn’t even mind his cheeky nips!


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER Haanja the very thin maine coon we had to put on a drip for 3 days at the vet.. thankfully she ate endlessly and fought back for life and play. Her days of kittens done, she was overjoyed to be adopted! She love loves loves playtime! And food. Lovely couple will […]

Dolce and Gabanna

STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER DOLCE and GABANNA were amazing travelling and had truly fab new family adopting them!! Going to have a whole house to themselves but their new family may use a spare room to foster!!! Woo hoo


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER Jovi may be the last of the older group of ten we saved to be rehomed .. but he was our favourite for some reason …. his gentle headbuts… his gentle glances and non dominant personality.. he will be truly adored in his new home too. He took a while to […]