STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER STILTON goes off to be an only cat with lots of human love in the home. When he calms down from being so boisterous, he may get a friend!!


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER COTTON.. we helped save him… look how magnificent he is and sooo happy being worshipped !!!

Oscar and Henry

STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER OSCAR and HENRY are chosen by approved adopters and are going to be only cats with 4 people to adore them in the family !! A lovely couple are their parents and a pleasure to meet !


STRAWBERRY HAPPY AFTER.. Her dad says.. Hi folks. Just taking this opportunity to say hi and seasons greetings from Chloe (formally Cuciolo) and I. I think of you all every day and give thanks for bringing my princess and I together. I’ve been in the worst place the last year or so and Chloe has […]