STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS.. AQUA got a lovely new home today. They drove from Kent to London to choose the best fit from all the Bsh we have in foster in Malvern. It was worth it as Aqua jumped on her new mom and noone else!!!


STRAWBERRY HAPPY REHOMINGS.. Kat goes to a lovely new home ! Eddie may miss her a bit but we hope someone will adopt him soon despite his grade 3 heart murmour…


STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS… CHARLOTTE who we nursed back to health with her badly infected spay ( done before we took her in) which the vet had to remove dead tissue from around and stitch up again. We nursed her through the nights and grew to adore her so much. Goes to live with lovely parents, […]


STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS.. MAISIE goes off to live with a retired mommy and a dad who goes out to work to buy all cat beds ! Woo hoo happy days for Maisie who had pre OP bloods, dental vacc chip with us.