STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER Martha (one of Valeri’s friends) loves her new home!! Cuddles with her auntie!

Obi and Oreo

STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER OBI and Oreo loved their new parent!! Going straight to her!! Settled already !! One on chair, one checking if room for him too !!


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER Peter (came into Durham area care around Xmas !) s new parent says… Just to say that Peter is doing really well. After a few days in the room, he’s regularly been coming out for forays – which are getting longer each time. He slept on my bed after a two […]


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER ARCHIE got adopted tonight @ we were not expecting it but approved adopters fell in love and he with them !! Sorry to other applicants but he had probably 100 like Boris, but we had fab vet records etc from these ideal adopters !