About Strawberry Persian & Pedigree Rescue

We are a small specialist rescue for pedigree-looking cats.  We don’t worry about pedigree papers for the cats, we care about the cats. Everyone is an unpaid volunteer and every penny donated goes to the cats. Our only funding to keep us going is donations from supporters or people we help and adoption fees.

Strawberry Persian and Pedigree Cat Rescue helps rescue and re-home any pedigree-looking cat. We are a specialist rescue and we have taken in and re-homed cats from all over England and Wales. We help all breeds of pedigree cat including Persians, Persian Exotics, Maine Coons, Ragdolls, Birmans, Burmese, Devon Rex, Siberian, Turkish Angora, Nebulong, Siamese,  Selkirk Rex,  Sphynx, Tonkinese, British Blue and other colours of British Shorthair, Russian Blue, Orientals (but we do not take or place Bengal cats). If you are looking for a kitten of a specific breed, we do not run a waiting list for these – as we are not breeders and do not always have kittens of any breed, never mind kittens of all breeds listed above!   IF WE HAVE KITTENS THEY WILL BE LISTED ON OUR CATS AVAILABLE PAGE (do not phone us for kittens), AND THEY WILL BE NEUTERED AND VACCINATED BEFORE REHOME.  WE WILL NEVER REHOME A KITTEN WHO HAS NOT BEEN NEUTERED.

We like cats in our care to be in foster homes not cattery facilities.

No paid staff

We are all unpaid volunteers with a passion to help cats in need of vet care or a new home. We help many cats we are told other rescues have refused to help. The adoption fees for the young cats help our work with the old, disabled or cats needing vet care/surgery.


We get no grants and we cannot continue our work without your help, by donating, fostering and adopting from Strawberry. Our vet bill is often in the thousands of pounds.

Follow our work

You can follow work on Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram.

Taking in and adopting cats

We take in cats from all over England and Wales and re-home all over the UK.  We ask people giving up a cat to fill in a detailed form telling us about themselves, the cat and the ideal home for their cat.  This is to ensure the cat gets any vet work done (like vaccination, we do a lot of dentals at vet, flea and worming, etc.) and that we match the cat with a perfect potential adopter.

Adopters also have to complete a form.  Once we think an adopter matches a cat, we organise a home-check for them or vet check with photos and proof of address etc.  We make every effort to achieve a successful adoption but will take back any Strawberry cat at any time in its lifetime.

All cats in our care are in our own home or in the home of a fosterer. We love them and care about their here-and-now and their future. See more detail on the Rehoming / Adopting tabs.

What are our aims?

  • We try to help as many pedigree-looking cat needing our help as we can with our limited space and funds.
  • We try to support people who may not be coping to give up their pedigree-looking cats earlier, and not feel that they have failed the cat. We are happy to help and will not judge you.
  • We are open and honest about information or issues a cat may have (that we are aware of – they are living beings and we may not know everything from their time before us or may not have a full history).
  • To take back any Strawberry cat at any time in it’s life.
  • To care and love every single cat as we love our own.
  • To keep a cat as long as they need in our home or a fosterer’s home until they are ready for rehoming.
  • To take many older cats or ones needing surgery and our aim is nurse and rehome.   For a few end of life cats who deteriorated or were terminally ill, we have cared and loved for as long as we and our vet feels they are not suffering. We may place these in a forever foster with one of our team if that is the right thing for that cat, but we usually have people adopt them if we can find someone (can be very difficult, as it is heartbreaking nursing each one for a few months, then another one or two at the same time, then the next that needs us…). We have only limited space for this, as we are just a couple with a home with some friends who can take on maybe just one extra cat, and we also take so many older cats already to do all vet work for rehoming. The few end of life cat we take who needs constant medication and nursing, have to be in our homes and with our own cats, so this is not possible for cats hating other pets or who are infectious.

Many helpers or adopted stay part of our Strawberry group, if they want to help, and gatherings and fundraisers are fun!