Testimonial from an adopter, Amanda H from Yorkshire who adopted Candice and later Archie

We were fortunate enough to be able to adopt from Strawberry earlier this year and have nothing but admiration for the work they do and praise for the care they take with each and every one of their cats.

Candice was a nervous, neglected Maine Coon who came to us following extensive dental surgery fully funded by Strawberry where she lost most of her teeth.  She is now settled, happy and bossing us about – and we hope to be shortly joined by our second Strawberry cat, this second cat is one saved from Qatar by Strawberry.

This is where I want to explain how thorough and careful Strawberry are.  Before we adopted, we answered a lengthy questionnaire and spoke at length to Strawberry.  They were absolutely open about the problems Candice might face and offered us the opportunity to back out at every stage.  She wanted to be as sure as anyone can be that we were the right family for this cat.  One of the conditions of Strawberry adoption is that if we are ever, for any reason, unable to offer Candice a home, she will be returned to Strawberry.  A few months later, when we started looking for a companion for her, we trusted them to find us the perfect match.  This was not an easy task as a very shy, very non-dominant indoor cat who needs daily steroids is not a straightforward proposition to pair up.  It’s taken time and I’m glad it’s taken time.  Strawberry care.  We are one family with one cat.  Strawberry go through this whole meticulous process with every single cat they re-home.  We’ve spoken to them whenever we’ve had concerns about Candice and she’s been unfailingly helpful, honest and constructive even though the her time must be so limited.

A few other things.  Not all rescues do such complete veterinary checks and work on their cats.  Strawberry will do their absolute best for each cat, regardless of age.  Over the months we’ve supported them, we’ve seen them lose a few heart-breaking battles, but we’ve seen them win many more.  They take cats of all ages, including a lot that many rescues won’t take and they’ve even rescued cats abandoned and neglected in Qatar, paying all the costs to bring them to the UK.  If you adopt a Strawberry cat you will know that everything possible has been done to help them.