Terrance and Boston – part ragdoll x and part bengal x pair who adored each other !

Happily ever after

We adopted Boston and Terrance at the end of December 2015.

The boys have settled in very well and seemed comfortable with their new surroundings after only a few days. They are both very loving cats with friendly, inquisitive personalities.

In many ways, Terrance is more like a puppy than a cat – his favourite activities include playing fetch with his toy mouse and wrecking the toilet roll! Boston is a more typical cat who enjoys basking in the sunshine, having an afternoon snooze in his basket (which looks like a strawberry), dribbling a table tennis ball around the flat and watching the world go by through the living room window.

They both love having their bellies rubbed, their food (and certainly let us know if they want feeding / treats) and have grown quickly from being kittens when we first adopted them into adult cats. Terrance, in particular, has grown significantly (and acquired an impressive fluffy mane) – weighing in at just under 8KG…a whopper, even for a Maine-coon!