Gavin and Jessica

GAVIN the big maine coon we rescued and Jessica the tiny girl dumped by a station on a busy road needing one eye removed.
Thank you to Chrissie who did hundreds of miles to rescue Jessica. Who after an eye removed and spay and full course of vaccination goes to live with zg
Gavin who was rescued too with Dollyparton who was urgent and due to give birth that day of asking for same day collection. Huge thank you to JoCl who collected various of the group of maine coons. You are all life savers!!
Those who adopt gibe the forever best homes ever. Best vet care, lovely caring adoring homes. Strawberry takes back any cat if needed in its lifetime to same fosterer as we can.
Jessica loves her humans and feline siblings and thanks M at the vet hospital who saved her from the streets. And then asked for our help.