Mainecoon type boy was saved from the Middle East by Strawberry with Melda and her friends and adopted earlier this year.
We recently got a lovely up date from Lions new family who have named him Bugdy Blue but mostly goes by Bugsy!
Bugsy has settled into his new home extremly well with older resident cat, Lions new mum used tecniques suggested by strawberry, Which we have found to work well in our experience. Bugsy and Monty are now besties they play, sleep together and generally hang oug together.
Monty being the big brother has kindly show Bugsy the ropes and he dutifully copies ! Bugsies mum says its so adorable to watch.
Bugsy now off the cruel streets of the Middle East thanks to Strawberry, Melda and friends is showing his familly what a cute fluff ball he can be, He truely iz such a lapcat now, adores cuddles, Nests his head in to any cosy spot he can find, He has even taken on the role of Mummies alarm clock, every day just before thd alarm is due to go off he will jump on mums pillow and sit on his Mums head.