RENEE was with us months and was the last to be rehomed. A group of 10 vastly unspayed BSH girls came in as an emergency before Xmas. We had to deal with infected nipples, infected or fluid filled wombs from poss pregnancies and maybe worn thin wombs , runs, sore skin, bite marks from other cats?

Renne was the girl with fangs who shocked us with bloody poo pouring out of her for weeks as we got endless tests, treatments, foods and regimes to help her.

We would never give up on a cat not in pain or suffering or with hope. With Renee, once we stopped the blood and it was more under control, she was not suffering and was putting on weight.
As she had an infectious ecoli kidney infection ( we are seeing more and more from poorly cats where when have brown wee, runny poo or incontinence.. as they just need vet help.. we are happy to take sick cats on, we are here to help cats and we will not judge you. We can change names of cats if you worry on being judged and can do when from a breeder as we dont want people to judge. We ONLY care about the cats. )
Cats are only rehomed when vet work is done and we and vet are happy that they are good to rehome.
We take every cat back if needed at any time in its life if you cannot keep it. If the homing does not work out, we always take a Strawberry back but we not refund adoption fee as we want you to make a commitment to this little being.

We have an amazing integration support team of Julie and Sharon and others. You can call with enquiries always but we are not vets. Poorly cats must go to a vet.