Mr Bidda


Who remembers Mr. Bidda ?

He was saved by his mom working in Qatar, found shot by a gun in Bidda Park. He had his bullet scar when he came over, but we loved him so much. His mom adored him and nursed him back to health and funded his coming to London to Strawberry. We funded his dental, vet check and an emergency apt when we thought his willy may be blocked! As soon as Sue rushed me to the vet, he wee-ed a huge wee – that was HIS normal!! haha – but it made us want him to be an only cat to be monitored, as his mom in Qatar wanted him not to be one of many over there or with lots dogs etc too. Anyway, his lovely mom in Qatar funded towards his vet costs after we homed him and we were very very grateful.

So he came over from Qatar 2016, well he is now called sparky and I must say I am totally in love with him all over again, look how content he looks. his mum says

He is a very loving and affectionate boy who loves to play with socks! His new mom was wonderful and as soon as she applied we just knew !!!!! He loves watching the world go by his London flat and waiting for his new mom to come home to snuggles!