Millie and Mellie

When strawberry re homed these lovely girls Millie and Mellie the first time, They got returned as being unrewarding compared to some kittens adopted after them, As the young kittens followed the adopter around the house and Millie and Mellie wanted to play out! Poor girls – thank goodness Michael gave them a lovely home!
This is what Micheal has to say about theese precious girls
It seems impossible that it was six months ago that Mille and Mella came to Southview Cottage. They have both settled in very well and I have attached some images. My photos are now 60% cat! Mellie has proved to be a demon mouser whilst Millie seems to regard hunting as a waste of time when she can play with Mellie’s castaways. She’s also the one who is happier to spend time with me although she’s definitely not a lap cat. I am really grateful that they came to me. Thank you.
Kind regards,