EKO was saved with quite a lot of other very poorly pedigree cats left scavaging in gardens after their mom died. We understood a national animal big group who were named in the will and another said no to all those who seemed ill, with snots or runs etc.. but all pedigree kittens they did help. We and a lovely moggy group locally to the home, saved the ones others wouldnt.

We had to send out our lovely helper weekly hundreds of mile trip when a couple of poorly pedigrees were in the traps and had been been safely in the kitchen with water and food.

We thought the massive bills of those rescued by us would end our work… the selkirk rexes, curly perm, many ragdolls, persians, etc were all saved after many months of love, vet work, some needed syringe feeding during the nights for many weeks. The only one we had to let go after months of battling to save her at advice of our wonderful vet was Whisky of very many we saved.

EKO had a massive collection of twigs and poo in his fur and had to be clipped bald.

His mom adored him from day one. She fostered for us when she could.