We adopted Elliott in December 2016. His owner had died and he was one of many cats that were rescued by Strawberry from the same home. He had a bad skin infection and an upset tummy when Fiona and Richard took him in. We fell in love with him and went to visit him in Upminster but he was not well that day and wouldn’t even come out of his bed. We applied to adopt him and waited to see if we were a match. Then we had a home check and once Fiona was happy that he was ready to go the wonderful Sue and Dan transported him to us in Wiltshire.

We kept Elliott quiet in a little pen for about a week so he could settle and our other cats could see him but not go too near. He was very subdued to start with and didn’t come out much. Our other cats Peanut and Lola started to encourage him to play and slowly, day by day, Elliott started to respond a bit more.

Our vet has now sorted his tummy, which took a few months and a lot of patience. Elliott is so happy now. He is just a big, bouncing ball of fluff. He is so loving and has really become part of the family.

Thanks to everybody at strawberry for saving him!