Leah and Mika

In May 2016 I adopted Leah, and elderly cram silver tipped British Shorthair – although she would be very upset to be called elderly, after all she is only 14! In no time she took over ruling the house, and won my heart – and was a great companion for my other old cat Miramis, who was blind and in renal failure. Leah gave her a new lease of life, and the two became close friends. And Leah was very happy, Miramis being blind meant she didn’t notice when Leah stole her food – she is a little food hoover!

Sadly Miramis passed away in November 2016, and Leah was searching and calling for her for days – so as we got another group of British Shorthairs in at the rescue in January I didn’t hesitate adopting Mika, a 4 year old British blue. Arriving here she made herself at home quickly, started to become very playful after a few days, and loves nothing more than chasing the laserpointer and racing up and down the cat tree! That is, besides cuddles from me;-)

Leah accepted her quickly, and watches her with amusement when she runs around – after all, in her world, why would you run or move quickly if there is no food involved?

Most of my evenings are now spend with Leah on my lap (her favourite place, besides next to a full food bowl), and Mika on the headrest of the sofa, grooming my neck…my family is complete, and I am so glad I could give these two beauties a good forever home!

Additional to that I started volunteering with the strawberry team to help other cats, and made some great friends along the way!