Angel was found on the streets of Qatar with a horribly injured left front leg & damage to her mouth. She was also trying to care for her kittens. Luckily they were taken in by Melda in Qatar. Angel had to have her injured leg amputated at the shoulder & several teeth removed. Despite her […]

Scarlett (now cookie)

As we save so many cats in the UK others may not want to take, older and maybe needing dentals and vet work. Scarlett was rescued in the Middle East by our wonderful friend. Strawberry agreed to save her as she was marked as deaf, we save many disabled cats in UK, as we know […]


Puddings owners loved her and knew she wanted full time love of her own. No sharing with other cats and no competition. They entrusted her to our care and we adored her too. All vet work done and a perfect owner found – no other pets and wanting a loving adoring poppet for retired couple!!!! […]


Lovely Lionel made it onto the Strawberry list as he was born with disfigured eyelids. He was lucky to be saved by a rescue with Bex/Kate, as he would not have survived on the streets. He had some surgery in Qatar to help his deformed eyelids, which our vet was impressed by, it was great […]