LOKI the huge maine coon boy’s new mom wrote a wonderful moving note to his previous mom and family the day after his adoption. We knew they were the perfect match. Giving up a beloved cat can be heartbreaking but look how much joy it has brought by reading this…

Pls could you post or message or send this on to Loki’s previous parents if you think appropriate, we have been thinking about them.

Loki is wonderful, he’s amazing. We’ve been so surprised at how cuddly he is after just 24 hrs, we can tell that he has come from a wonderfully adoring home, he has been investigating the top floor of the flat today, in and out of the washing machine and across the bannisters, he has jet boots on!

Loki spent yesterday afternoon in the bedroom, we thought he would be less stressed if we left him to have a meal, drink and a wee to recover from the journey. We popped in a couple of times but couldn’t see him. Eldest went to bed at about 8, called him, doubting that she would see him. He jumped out of the clothes rack and arrived in the middle of the bed. I think he spent the majority of the night asleep in her chest with a blanket over him.

Eldest has felt unwell this afternoon so they retired to bed for an extended cuddle.

We are maintaining the same policy that we did with ours so many years ago. we are talking to him all the time, not making eye contact too often but responding to blinks when we are treated to them.

We are not approaching him, just waiting for him to come to us which he does all the time. We are not touching him at all unless he nuzzles our hands first as an invitation, he is super friendly and cute beyond belief. We feel so special to be able to have such a wonderful animal to live alongside us.

The girls are off for a trip tomorrow and I will be empty nested, this is of course far more difficult having lost my precious Maine coon wing cat of 16 years last Tuesday.

Loki will be my new everything and I can’t wait to have hours and hours of him to myself while I watch him explore the house and find all the soft warm spots, I can assure you I will look after him with the utmost care and attention, he will be loved and adored like the cat god he is.

Will update you with all the Loki antics as he settles

Thank you for everything and a beautifully nurtured cat, he obviously comes from the loveliest home and I feel your pain and upset at having to make the worst decision, sending you all our love and very best wishes x