Cotton was saved by Melda in the middle east and she loved him and prepared him to escape the heat and humidity there.

Strawberry happily waited for Cotton to come and helped part fund, special boy and found him a wonderful home with a mom of his very own. He came bounding with energy and so healthy!

His new mom Clare is very special and came meet him last weekend and he met his grandmom who adored him and managed a hard sit on floor to tickle him!!!! He persuaded everyone he was the cat to adopt!!!!

We are helping very, very few cats now from overseas, our priority has always been UK pedigree looking cats in need. We are now only saving a few via Melda as her cats from her home come very well, with good assessments and spayed or with accurate, details of spay – none have had cat flu /lots of ringworm etc which can last months and months and risks all the cats with that fosterer or us.

COTTON saved from Qatar with Strawberry and their lovely friend and her friends fostering too..

It is his one year anniversary ! His mom says..

“Cotton wanted to say thank you for letting him come to live with me. He came a year ago today and loves every minute especially all the cuddles!”