TWINKLE was one Hermione babies, rehomed to a good friend we have known 20 years plus through cat rescue and if we come back as a cat, we would want a mom like our bestie!

She is kind and gentle with humans and animals. One of the best friends we have ever had and you meet some very nice people in cat rescue. Our Strawberry volunteers are lovely.

She has a whole adult human family for her. 2 home full time, and another 3 working and playing toys when home, so we were happy placing a kitten with no other cats as she has a home full of attention and stands and toys! We knew how spoilt she would be in terms of love and the important things, pet insurance for best healthcare at all times and good food. Stimulation and play. A furry family member.

Their older parent loves watching her and tickling her and she is effective a patient therapy cat. Their mom is largely bed bound and for us they are like our own family. We see them as much as we can.

Their mom from her bed or chair when up loves watching Twinkle saved in the Middle East.

Some cats save humans and give them a reason to live.

Here’s twinkle has recently celebrated her first birthday in style