Scarlett (now cookie)

As we save so many cats in the UK others may not want to take, older and maybe needing dentals and vet work.

Scarlett was rescued in the Middle East by our wonderful friend.

Strawberry agreed to save her as she was marked as deaf, we save many disabled cats in UK, as we know many may not want to do thagt.

In other countries, non perfect are not adopted. In Middle East non perfect is not sought at all and some are disabled by cruelty (as they can be in the UK).

In Qatar if people lose their jobs they have 30 days to leave the country which means their pets can be left behind (as if the cannot afford costs to travel for the pet or cats were not prepared to travel with rabies vac, tested and ready to go with them), many are left to die often just by the road or airport.

We helped Scarlett, we funded various costs – some or all of her /flights, spay, micro chipping, care, collection from Europe, care,transport to fosterers in the U.K. was very shy but her wonderful foster mum Liz helped her to see humans are good, Liz also helped sort Scarlett’s poorly tummy out. Now known as Cookie she is in her for ever home with 2 other strawberry kitties, she is very playful so loves having lots of cuddles a real lap cat when she isn’t running around causing mayhem. Her new family have said they are so grateful strawberry was able to save such a special cat. she has become such an important part of their family.

Costs to strawberry were about £500. She was so worth saving. Look at her photos now blossoming in her new home. Strawberry cannot help cats labelled as disabled without your help.

Please help us. Any donation can be made by paypal marked as to friends and family (to avoid costs to rescue) to