Angel was found on the streets of Qatar with a horribly injured left front leg & damage to her mouth. She was also trying to care for her kittens. Luckily they were taken in by Melda in Qatar. Angel had to have her injured leg amputated at the shoulder & several teeth removed. Despite her traumatic experience, she is a sweet natured love bug. Angel is a real lap cat & adores being groomed, she has a big purr for a little cat!

Angel now lives happily with her human mama & dad & her sister Phoebe (also a rescue cat) in the North East of England. It took a long time to integrate Angel in to her new home due to her sister Phoebe being initially reluctant to share her space & Angel not wanting to share her new mama with Phoebe. But with time & love everything worked out fine. Angel is a precious addition to the family & adored by everyone who meets her.

Here are some pictures of angel in transit and some of angel and her new sister now loving life