Pandy really hasn’t changed much since I first picked him up from you guys back in October 2015 apart from getting more and more loving each day. He didn’t purr at first and barely meowed but now he has the most beautiful deep purr and talks to me especially when it’s dinner time!

Pandabear – or Pandy to his friends – is the most loving cat I could have wished for and has been since the day I brought him home from Strawberry. We just seemed to hit it off straight away. The receptionsts at the vets love him to bits – but sadly can’t say that Pandy feels the same about them – he does say it’s nothing personal!

Whilst he’s not a lap cat he has his own fleecy blanket next to me on the sofa and any time I sit down always joins me and ensures he has a head or paw resting on my thigh or hand or is reaching out to touch me. He is also my snuggle friend at night sometimes getting under the covers with me!

He loves being brushed but hates a face wash so he quite often resembles a Panda when his eyes become dark and mucky. So his name suits him well. He just knows the moment the cotton wool or flannel comes out what’s going to happen!

Everyone that meets him LOVES him to bits. He is friendly, a show off but most of all just wants to be loved and I’m just glad he is mine so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for rescuing him and the other ‘shed cats’.