Jackson lives with another Strawberry rescue cat called Loki. Jackson is a huge Maine Coon boy and Loki is a white Persian boy. The huge Maine Coon boy had a grade 3 heart murmur and came to Strawberry as he was a bully with other bossy Maine Coon girls. We made sure we stuck to the brief and ensure no children, that he got a lovely couple. They built him a completely secure garden with climbing frames and posh furniture!

They asked us to do a match to find a compatible cat after Jackson’s hormones had died down. They enquired about certain cats, but we knew they were bossy too and may not work. I asked could they trust us in finding his perfect brother.

Loki came to us, needing a massive dental and as some suspicious areas of skin infection, so needing clipping bald and daily baths. He was so good and let us do all that! Once he was recovering, we had Jackson’s parents visit to see if they loved him. They did!!!!!!!

Loki was so non dominant and it is interesting to watch their body language. Thankfully they were best friends within weeks!

Jackson aka Will-I-Am is famous for giving us a high five!

What a beautiful and happy pair! And a wonderful adopted home. Their parents may move to Canada, but they are preparing the cats with rabies vaccinations etc, as they will not be leaving them behind!!