Jess and Pickles

Jessica and Pickles, both saved from Qatar and now settled and happy…together.

Pickles was a little cat saved from cruelty in Qatar by Melda and Strawberry.  His start in life was awful, his face was hacked and burning oil poured over him.  With lots of medical care and TLC he recovered and miraculously still has his sight.

Pickles came to the UK with his friend Jessica and were homed together in a loving family where cats occupy the top spot in the pecking order!

Without Melda and Strawberry the end would have been very different for these two brave friends.

They now have a sibling humoon who they sleep next to while he watches football !

Their humoon mom says..

“This is what Jessica is like – a total mum. Always there snuggled into Adam at story time! X ”


The thing that makes Strawberry so special is the absolute dedication and love that is put in to rescuing cats who, without Strawberry, would never have stood a chance. No cat is beyond help, Strawberry never gives up on the cats and are fastidious in finding the right homes and matching the cats with the most suitable family.  At every point in the rehoming process the cat and its needs are at the forefront.  Here’s to more happy endings…..