Emmy came to us as she became very unsettled, children arrived and then a puppy.

Rather than pass the dog, she would soil herself in fear and hide. She just wanted a quiet home again to give love and get love again with no loud noises.

Her family loved her very much and asked for our help, as they wanted what was right for her. The children were most attached to the dog, so Emmy who wanted quiet was collected by Strawberry.

This is her new mom’s update –

Hi! Emmy is doing pretty well. She has access to the whole house now and is getting pretty confident, she cried a bit the first couple of nights but seems to have stopped that. She also didn’t eat anything for the first 36 hours and then downed a massive bowl of food in a day on Monday. My friend came over the other night and she came in and slept next to him which I was surprised by but actually she seems to have settled really fast. xx