Hollie a 9 year old mainecoon cross was returned to strawberry a couple of times, She was with us a while but we werent going to give up finding her perfect match, we could all see how special this girl is and just wanted someone to see whst we saw in her. Hollie found that in Becca and is now so happy which is why we work so hard to see these fluffs.
Heres a lovely update from HOllies mum

Hollie is settling in well, She’s very happy with her new home, and
freely wanders, surveying her new kingdom. She’s claimed a few spots
already, including in front of the fire, on the bed, sofa, my lap,
several cat beds, a scratching mat, which really she just wants to nap
on. Effectively she’s taken over, and has no intention of leaving, or
letting me let her leave! She’s here for good, and I think shes just
started to twig that in the last week. She has now started to come
running to the door, to greet me, when she hears the lock going, so I
think she’s starting to get quite comfortable here.