Edward was found wondering the London streets un neutered, thin and very matted. It appeared he had been wandering the streets a while, the vet who called us and some helpers who collected him wondered if he was a stud cat, no longer useful for breeding as his condition was so very poor. Edward was […]

Mr Bidda

STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS – MR BIDDA SAVED FROM THE MIDDLE EAST Who remembers Mr. Bidda ? He was saved by his mom working in Qatar, found shot by a gun in Bidda Park. He had his bullet scar when he came over, but we loved him so much. His mom adored him and nursed him […]


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTERS RENEE was with us months and was the last to be rehomed. A group of 10 vastly unspayed BSH girls came in as an emergency before Xmas. We had to deal with infected nipples, infected or fluid filled wombs from poss pregnancies and maybe worn thin wombs , runs, sore skin, […]

Millie and Mellie

When strawberry re homed these lovely girls Millie and Mellie the first time, They got returned as being unrewarding compared to some kittens adopted after them, As the young kittens followed the adopter around the house and Millie and Mellie wanted to play out! Poor girls – thank goodness Michael gave them a lovely home! […]