Strawberry cats happy ever after … Pepper’s new mum – Jo, says, “just an update on Pepper…I’m sure his previous owners may want to know he’s safe and well and has settled in really well. He’s been to the toilet, ate lots and lots of food, been groomed (he even raised his paws one at a time to be brushed!!) and has been following me everywhere! He has a lovely little trill and is so playful. He slept with me last night and woke me by patting my face…when I opened my eyes his face was practically touching mine! He’s absolutely adorable, very snuggly. It’s very obvious he was spoilt and very much loved by his previous owners.”

His mom says My lovely Colonel Pepper came to me 2 months ago and has settled extremely well in his new home. He’s such a beautiful cat with a lovely cheeky character. He is also getting a little sister this week to keep him company.