Testimonial from Louise and Casper, adopted Jackson and later on Loki

“My boyfriend wanted a Maine Coon but I was keen to get a cat from a rescue centre rather than from a breeder. Strawberry Persian & Pedigree rescue centre was the perfect option! Strawberry really care about their animals. When they put our stunning Maine Coon, Jackson up for adoption they were inundated with people […]

Testimonial from Bagel’s previous Mom

Strawberry are amazing people, they take in so many oldies cats, the love and care they give them is amazing, taking in a old cat costs so much money with vet treatments such as dentals, as well as that a lot of old Persian are prone to kidney disease, Strawberry do not give up on […]

Testimonial from Adopter. From Sharon G

On the 10th of July 2016 our beautiful Angel arrived & joined our family. Angel is a disabled cat, one of her front legs had to be amputated when she was found on the streets of Qatar, badly injured & trying to care for her kittens. The lovely Melda took her into her care & […]