Teabag and Megway

TEABAG and MEGWAY – saved from being poisoned in the middle east as black cats are seen as bad luck.

We have had a few updates – all lovely – here is the one about their names soon after adoption…

Hi hope you are both well.

All is well and their personalities are really starting to shine. Megway (likely to be renamed Mo, so then he will be Mo Farrah) is the adventurous explorer. He follows me around and loves investing new areas. Teabag(likely to be renamed poppy, so collectively they will be the moppy crew) is more cautious but gains confidence from Mo and then is full on! My friend gave me one of those tubes that they v can bat the ball in. They absolutely love it and it’s been so sweet watching them slowly work it out.
So over all, all is good and I can’t believe what adorable, loving cats they are!