Snuggles from Qatar truly has an amazing mom collected her. Snuggles truly never purred so much in her life… she threw herself on her back and ADORED her new mom. Her mom adored her and Bobbin loved her too and got live. Snuggles mom was so compassionate and caring. We hope Bobbin may have a home up North.
We are very very lucky with so many great adopters.

We get the best adopters as our team have the cats as their whole life. We volunteer to help them.

Noone is paid at strawberry except some need travel costs and petrol. No time is charged. We love the cats.

 Hello! Thank you very much for approving us to adopt Snuggles. She is settling in well and has established a few favourite spots. She enjoys cuddling with her Daddy on the sofa when they watch TV together. My boyfriend has said that she’s already changed his life