Razzle and Dazzle

Razzle and Dazzle were looked after by super cat jack when they came to strawberry.
This is a update from their new adopted mum.

I thought it has been a while since I’ve checked in and given you both an update so thought I might send you some pics and let you know that Razzle & Dazzle – although now named Albus and Bellatrix after my love for Harry Potter – are both doing so well!

They are completely settled and obviously ruling the house now. They like spending their days sat up on the window sills watching the world go by, or curled up in our spare room. It’s sort of like their own bedroom now! They love visitors and Albus is an absolute attention seeker! My 2 year old nephew has visited a few times and Albus just follows him around and sits with him whenever he can. They both love taking naps together too when he comes to see us! Bella, although she may come across as more timid, is such a curious little thing and loves attention too. She curls up on the sofa with Iain every night and they both usually end up falling asleep together. When I’m working from home they both hang around with me, and Albus likes to nap on the desk, just to make sure he’s not missing out on anything I think! He actually likes to find all sorts of strange places to nap – mainly the window sill.

They had their health checks and second vaccinations last week and both did really well- Albus was very chilled and made himself at home – pic attached! Albus is a big chunk with a very fluffy coat – he now weighs 2.68kg, and Bella is still a tiny thing, she weighs 2.3kg now. The vet is interested to see whether Albus will surpass the 4kg mark as he gets older.

Their appetites are healthy as ever – it’s a struggle to eat a meal without their big eyes staring pleadingly at you to share!