Peter (came into Durham area care around Xmas !) s new parent says…

Just to say that Peter is doing really well. After a few days in the room, he’s regularly been coming out for forays – which are getting longer each time. He slept on my bed after a two or three nights and seems very settled already into a sleeping pattern with only the first two nights where he called out.

Peter definitely is a wee lion heart and keeps coming out to explore, even if some new thing has surprised him and he runs away, and he loves to play every evening. We have a wee routine where we cuddle and I groom him daily then he plays with toys for about 20 minutes or more before settling for the night. He has lain in front of the warm stove a couple of nights too, though he only got close when the fire well and truly out!

I want to thank you, and everyone Strawberry, and especially Louise, her fosterer, for giving me the opportunity to adopt such a lovely, lively characterful – and beautiful – cat like Peter!
I’m very happy to have him in my life and we’re settling together well, I think.

All the very best for more happy Strawberry stories and many thanks again.

I can send more pics as I take them if you like.

Best wishes