Lion (now Bugsy Blue)

LION saved from Middle East by Strawberry with Melda and her friends –

I’ve been meaning to get in touch about Lion whom we adopted from you earlier this year. I wanted to let you know how he’s settled in. He’s now called Bugsy-Blue (or just Bugsy most of the time!). And he is an absolute dream boat!

We did the separation technique you kindly suggested and he has settled in so incredibly well with our older cat Monty and they are now inseparable! They play, they sleep and generally hang out together. Monty shows him the ropes and Bugsy dutifully copies! It’s adorable to watch! Big brother!!! So thank you for your advice.

We feel truly blessed to be parents to this wonderful boy and to know he was saved from the cruel streets of the Middle East just adds to our joy at parenting this gorgeous fluff ball and to be able to give him the second chance he (and they all) deserve is an absolute gift. We loved him from from the minute he arrived and he is giving us much love back!

He is now a proper lap cat, and he loves “holding” cuddles, nesting his head into any cosy spot! He jumps onto my pillow every morning and sits on my head! Wake up mummy….it’s time to get up for work! It’s before my alarm but I don’t mind in the slightest as it’s the best way to wake up for sure!

But we wouldn’t be here without you both or Melda, so I wanted to share our thanks to you all, for all the wonderful work you do and the joy you give to so many cats and parents alike by finding them forever homes. We are truly grateful,

Samantha and Luke