HOUDINI who was homed last year goes off on his travels!! His parents got a permanent job abroad and have emigrated permanently with him!! How exciting! Luckily he didn’t escape from his huge crate en route.
Happy loved boy.
He was adored and stole his fosterers heart with his defying going into a carrier to be neutered for 4 weeks!! He was super fast running around his huge room!!
It meant he was in foster longer, which gave him time to trust and bond with his human fosterers.
Now adored by his parents and his sibling in adopted home.

HOUDINI was a favourite foster cat and is now moving to the USA with his sibling in his new home!! He is adorable. We suspect he was MilkybarKit s dad as came in same group as Betsy!! Both not neutered!!
He hasn’t paid his CSA ( Cat Support Agency) !!
At least he was neutered as soon as we could get him into a carrier!! Escape artist !