After months in our home and us falling in love with her… little Dorothy was very very special.

She was just a little more complicated to home as she was a no other cats. She came in unspayed and had had more than one home. We had to spay and wait for hormones to die down for a while. As well as getting her spayed and bloods, dental, done at our costs. She was ok with our dopey Persian boys in the hallway of our home.

But then our great friend who cared for our cats when we are away, offered to foster her after Barmcakes got adopted and in the 2 to 3 weeks with our super Lottie she had some issues with some cats.

So our decisions always change for the best for every cat.

BadBabs, who is Jacks nanna, saw an enquiry from a wonderful couple Paul and Karl. Thanks to Babs, our team got straight on with the enquiry for Dorothy.

We phoned them. They wanted one special girl as an only cat !!!@

Thank you to Babs, Lottie, Kate P for home check, and to my wife for Strawberry even existing.  She spends every waking hour worrying about these cats and every human she knows.

Most of all thanks to adopters…. Paul and Karl are Dorothy’s future.

She is happy already!