Dora was saved from little or no hope by Melda. from the streets of the Middle East. Both eyes had major problems.. one burst and one hugely swollen. Melda got her vet help, but she needed an eye vet.

Melda funded all preparation to get her ready to come to Strawberry. Between us transport can be £340 
Strawberry funded eye consults, super Marta operated the day after Dora arrived as it was deemed urgent. Dora’s eyes could not be saved despite dedication by Melda for months.

But Dora was happy from day one and happy with no sight ! She has been adopted by 2 doctors in London. Who are amazing people with another blind cat already.

Dora, saved by Melda. Her eyes could not be saved as hoped on sending but strawberry got a specialist to see her day after arriving and found a perfect adopter in 2 doctors in London.

Dora has learned to climb up and down cat stands and has a perfect blind brother who avoids her when he doesn’t want playtime !