Brendan now Newton was only 2 years old when he found himself in need a new home.

His dad was not well and his family with all their commitments were not sure about grooming etc … Poor Brendan became very matted and his skin was sore.
Newtons mum and dad who are now part of our strawberry family sent this lovely update.

Newton is our second Strawberry cat, our first being Edward in 2016. I had repeatedly said I wasn’t ready for another cat having lost my precious Hektor cat at Easter and then I saw Newton’s pictures on the Strawberry Facebook page. It was love at first sight – who could resist those big blue eyes?

When he arrived he very little fur as it had been shaved off when arrived at the rescue, he was very inquisitive and couldn’t wait to meet his 2 brothers (Edward and Socks) and his sister Princess Lilly.

His fur has now started to grow back as you can see and his true personality has shown through. He adores people and loves to sit with you when you are watching TV and also snuggles under the bed clothes whenever possible. He is like a puppy dog and will follow his mum around a when he can. He also loves to play with his brothers, but understands his sister is elderly and so is very gentle with her.

He is absolutely adorable and we are very lucky to have been chosen to adopt him.

Love Julie and Ray