Bertie and Luna


So few people adopt pairs.. so few want black cats even pedigrees, so we were very pleased to find a home for a black pair..

Their mom sent a fabulous update..

Hello! I just wanted to give you both an update on Bertie and Luna as its been one year since I got them !! Cannot believe how quickly it has gone by and how they have settled in and become the most gorgeous little cats. Both have been fine. Bertie has become the more dominant cat but is very much a mummy’s boy. Follows me around, loves it when I pick him up and carry him around, and comes when I call him. Luna is just an adorable round fluff ball. She has become quite chubby ( checked out by vet and she is fine) despite me weighing her food and not giving treats. She has the loudest purr and roles around on my lap for cuddles. Both love to play and I spend my time running around with a piece of string for them to chase. So thank you so much for all you do which enabled me to have these amazing cats!!! 😸