JULES said being able to sunbathe indoors and have nice clean towels and love, feeling clean and adored is AMAZING!

He is hoping that fundraising pay off his vet bills and allows Strawberry to save more cats like him… locked out of the house needing lots of TLC and vet work! We have saved various cats living outdoors suffering. You can pay off some of our vet bills by calling Wylies on 01708 251200 and ask for credit against Strawberry charity cat rescue account – you can ask them to credit against under any cat on that charity list – and can use a debit or credit card.


JULES… another update..

Locked out of the house for 2 years and watching his brother allowed in… his only crime – weeing next to a litter tray when children arrived in the house….

Lots of vet checks later and thanks to strawberry (using your donations to do all vet work)…… and our lovely application processing team…

He had forgotten what it was like to be loved and allowed to sleep on a sofa! He said he had forgotten how it was to be thin enough to climb stairs even if he was allowed in a house! Now he is thinner too!!!!!!!!!

This makes our volunteering all worthwhile!