Leah and Mika

In May 2016 I adopted Leah, and elderly cram silver tipped British Shorthair – although she would be very upset to be called elderly, after all she is only 14! In no time she took over ruling the house, and won my heart – and was a great companion for my other old cat Miramis, […]


POPPY was saved in the Middle East by the wonderful Melda. She missed our planned transport a 500 mile round trip, but SuperSue and Dan took her at a later transport, just as soon as her spay healed. Her new mom says of her… do you know it feels like she has been in years! […]


Alfie is another white Persian type saved by our wonderful friend Melda in Qatar, dispite working full time and been really busy she still makes time to care for cats in need and get them ready to travel to strawberry rescue here in England where she knows cats will find the best homes. Alfie was […]