STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER…   BRAMLEYAPPLE has gone to live with his new Dads and fellow Strawberry Willow. He’s very excited to be getting lots of attention as he loves cuddles and one of his Daddies is home all day so he’ll never be lonely. He’s very grateful to Strawberry for looking after him in […]


STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS… RHODES has been adopted to a lovely home where she will gets lots and lots of love and time to settle. She was not keen on being microchipped!


Happy homings…. Mirror, mirror on the wall … can you make little Clem the tallest of them all .. ??? She is mega diddy and thinks she has a twin in her new home!

Dolly & Jinx

STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER.. DOLLY and JINX another pair we managed to home together thanks to you lovely followers. We rarely split pairs and only if not besotted with each other, but where very very close we do our very best. We love your happy ever afters and at the moment would love them sent […]