Chablis & Merlot

STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER CHABLIS & MERLOT do you all remember a mainly black litter of kittens and mommy came to us. Mommy we named Champagne and this pair were our favourites !! Chablis and Merlot the mountaineer !!! We LOVED them so much and if we didnt always do kittens in pairs as is […]


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER ELLIOTT – Our friend who died from Corona… This is happy rehoming of one of her elderly furbabies Elliott. This naughty Bengal was never clean with other cats, but like so many, is now super clean as an only cat. Luckily pets fit in very quickly to new homes. He was […]


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER RENEE was a cat we fought to get into good health for years after a group of 10 unspayed queens came in to us… She had let a group of cats get into a terrible state. Renee has had years being happy and adored and is doing well on some tablets […]


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER COTTON after years of being soooo happy with his parents, decides he will be useful and do a spot of work as a doorstop… generally when they get in your way is what we find !!!