STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS.. MYKELTI goes to be an only cat. Her mom and grandad come to adopt!! Happy days- she was a super easy foster cat for us volunteers with cats in our homes.


STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS… ZANDRA goes off to lots and lots of love. Her mommy’s furbaby died earlier this year. Zandra will cuddle her better.


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER.. ZIGGY who had a grade 2 heart murmour from the mainly older group of 10 is settling into his new house!! He has already met another non dom strawberry furbaby who has lived there a few years @ He hopes that we can pay bills once the rest of the group […]


STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS.. LILLIAN in her new home. She loved it, exploring the one room to settle her in. Her dental and pre OP bloods, vacc booster, microchip etc bills still adding up with the rest of the 10. 7 out of 10 of the group need dentals with extractions. Her adoption fee will pay […]