DISNEY – Happy Ever After!

DISNEY was very lucky to be adopted by someone who has previously adopted from us. Disney now has an adoptive brother called Thomas! Disney has to have her cone on when needed but is happy and very loved. Your donations and adoption fees help our small group help breeders in desperate need. This group of […]

DAVID – Happy Ever After!

David was re-homed from same group as DollyP who came to us on on her due date to have her litter of kittens!! David is happy living with other Strawberry adopted cats. David was very gentle and is great with other cats. Good luck in your new home David!

BETSY – Happy Ever After

Betsy now has a wonderful home and her coat is growing back. Betsy was one of the kittens homed by us when their owner who bred them was unwell. The owner asked for all her cats to come to Strawberry for fostering until they could be re-homed. We are delighted to have been able to […]

Bumble (Crumble) – Happy Ever After

STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER CRUMBLE now called Bumble – do you remember how her foster mommy kept her warm in her tops, like this photo? When Crumbled arrived, she was covered in poo and had a bleeding stump as she had a missing back leg. Strawberry took good care of her, a lot of vet […]