STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER Lolly is soooo happy in her new home!! Loving being an only pet.


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER Edens new mom of 6 months says: We are so happy we got him. We wouldn’t be without him now! He has a massive cat tree which is floor to ceiling and a million toys he doesn’t play with – instead he loves cardboard boxes!

Mr Su

STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER 😋 Do you remember Mr Su who we homed some years ago? A few people decided not to adopt as he was aged 9 then and got soft poos!! Now aged 12 and still gorgeous and doing fabulous!! His new parents say… He is doing GREAT! He has been put on steroids […]

Milo-Chico and BlueBoris

STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER MILO-CHICO AND BLUEBORIS formed the perfect pair… days after adoption look at them!!! Only cats with parents home fulltime! Woo hoo! Helping rehome cats is worth it from piccies like this. We loved these two !! Little snotty and sneezy but the most perfect cutest loving boys in the world !!