STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS… HARRY went home with a very thoughtful, well prepared lovely new mom tonight. Harry had wee issues in his previous home, but has bern perfect in foster. We support cats post adoption.

Jewel and Opal

STRAWBERRY HAPPY HOMINGS… Jewel and Opal ( jewel pictured with her mom Mellie when tiny) went off with their lovely new mom who is a qualified vet! To be safe as indoor only cats.


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTERS – NOEL (now LEO ) is happy in his new home already. They were experienced chinchilla adopters and will work with him being a little shy initially – he soon turns into a love bug! Lisa and Leo will be happy we know.


STRAWBERRY HAPPY EVER AFTER – We had Maggie in foster many months, and her fosterer – the super amazing Lottie is home full time and Maggie loved that Maggie has landed on all 4 paws with new mum Christina. She has an entire house all to herself with lots of ‘entertainment’ outside with huge gardens […]