Woody – 3 year old male Ragdoll



Woody is a lovebug, cuddly, 3 year old ragdoll boy.

  • He Loved other cats in his home.
  • He was adored, but with babies in the home he could not get enough cuddles, so he has come to Strawberry
  • NO children under 8 years old or people planning on having children.
  • Foster location is West Midlands.
  • He is ok with kids aged 8 and over.
  • He hasn’t lived with dogs, but may adapt if the dog is cat friendly.
  • MUST be indoor only. Adopters must have experience of indoor cats and understand importance to make sure he is kept safe inside. He does not have road sense so will get lost, ran over or stolen if he goes out.
  • He’s an adorable boy.
  • Vet work will be done w/c 12.07.21.
  • He does need grooming as he has lots of gorgeous fur!
  • Neuter, booster, chip, flea, worming will be done before homing.