Sham and Shuk


Gender: ,

Two Gorgeous maine coons.

They may go as a pair, or may split if the adopter has a gentle other cat/s for company for them.

-No dogs

-No kids under 12.

-Indoor only.

-Adopters MUST have experience of owning indoor only cats. The cats have never been outside so have no road sense and would be run over or stolen. The owner must understand the importance of indoor only and ensure they are kept safe indoors.

-Location West Midlands.

-Neutering, booster, vet check, chip, flea worming has all been done.

-4 years old

-Hate loud noises (so no children under 12)

-Need a quiet loving home.

-Need someone who is home a lot.

-They have always lived with each other and another cat as well.

The silver/ccream does like being held in your arms like a baby.

The huge red girl is shyer.

Please only apply if you can meet the above requirements.