Disney aged 6. Colourpoint girl. Choc and white point. Came in thin and flea allergic skin. Improving by the day. Collapsed ear as absess caused cartilage to collapse. May have been caused by endless scratching due to untreated fleas or ear mites.

Had drained and antibiotics.

Fosterer is helping her get more confident and well by the day.

Will not be ready until mid December. Full course vaccination and ear monitoring at vet.

Loves head bumps, tickles.

No kids under 8.

Used to dogs.

Lived with other cats and dogs and was great with them.

Shows lots of affection.

Settled well.

Happy as only cat if lots of quiet and love, but ideal with other cat loving pets.

Indoor only.

Location Worcestershire.

Adoption fee is 350 to help with her vet work.

Neuter, booster, chip, flea and worming done.