Bets and Big H (pair)


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  • Bets (golden) and Big H (white) are 7 year old chinchilla Persians.
  • We are only looking for homes as a pair initially as they have lived together.
  • Will have demat and possible lion cut at vet as many chinnies hate grooming.
  • Already neutered. Vet check, bloods to check kidneys function, flea, worming and dental if urgent will be done before homing.
  • Adoption fee is £190 per cat if adopted as a pair (so £380). They come with litter trays, beds, included and vet work as mentioned above done and funded by rescue. We are only looking for homes as a pair initially.
  • Accepted grandchildren who were cat friendly, so kids 8 and over.
  • No children under 8 years, or people planning to have babies
  • Indoor only. Must not be allowed outdoor access, this is dangerous as they have no road sense and are likely to get lost, involved in RTA or stolen.
  • Lived in smaller home. Happy someone working, if can sleep with their parent/s. And get lots love. Showed no bad reaction to other cats.
  • May adapt to dogs as confident.
  • Foster location West Midlands.

Please complete a form and enquire if you meet the above requirements, thank you.